Elite Four

Members of Wuhtu's Elite Four separate themselves from their gym leader brethren by focusing their teams on things beside types. They also forego their given names and adopt a new, thematic moniker upon donning the mantle of Elite Four status. The current champion has reigned for a number of years. Per Wuhtu League rules, a challenger may battle the Elite Four members as many times as they choose, but they may only face Wrath once. Win, and they take over as champion. Lose, and they can never battle for the title again.

Wither: Status effects don’t feel as powerful as attacks that simply hit hard. It takes a certain maturity to start to see how effective they are, and that is a huge lesson for any would-be-master. When Wither was given the honor of joining the Elite Four, he made it his mission to teach young trainers about how important statuses could be. He adopted the name “Wither” and filled his team with pokemon capable of inflicting crippling status effects. Expect a long, arduous war of attrition when facing Wither and his resilient Shuckle.

Hawk: Critical hits are flashy, and they are deadly. For some reason, trainers tend to think about them as “luck” or “chance” instead of doing everything they can to make them happen. Hawk hopes to change that belief. His goal is to demonstrate that “We make our own luck” through an insane amount of critical hits that defy all odds. His team consists of a strike force of pokemon united in their common goal of aiming for weak spots and hitting hard. Expect a quick, painful flurry of criticals when facing Hawk and his vicious Zangoose.

Heart: There is no force in the world quite like it. It builds mountains and it tears them down. Trainers tend to forget about the power of love while poring over their type charts and move lists. The only female member of Wuhtu’s Elite Four, Heart would remind everyone of how important and dominant love can be with her beautiful temptresses and casanovas. Her team focuses on pulling their opponents into the clutches of infatuation so that they lose their will to fight. Expect a starry-eyed tug of war when facing Heart and her gorgeous Milotic.

Storm: The weather comes, the weather goes. A lot of people, even trainers, consider themselves at the whim of whatever gods control the clouds. But Storm never believed such things. He demonstrates to all that the weather is just as malleable as putty in our hands by constantly manipulating it with a variety of methods and purposes. His team makes sure it always has the upper hand in battle by changing the environment itself. Expect an ongoing battle of wits when facing Storm and his weathered Castform.

Wrath: Power. Power equals power. While the rest of the Elite Four equate power to one thing or another, Wuhtu’s champion makes it even simpler. His pokemon hit hard and often. Wrath has held the title of champion for as long as anyone can remember, and he is considered the most powerful trainer in the entire region—by a wide margin. No one besides the Elite Four is allowed to watch a challenger’s battle with Wrath. All anyone else sees is a confident almost-master strut in and a broken never-master trudge out. As such, no one really knows what pokemon he has or how they are so powerful. But they are indeed powerful, as Wrath has never lost a battle, League sanctioned or otherwise. Furthermore, it is said that he has never even been forced to use his last pokemon, his ultimate trump card. “Wrath” isn’t just a name, the champion is the embodiment of the word and very idea. Expect to lose when facing Wrath.

Veil: Though technically not a member of the Elite Four anymore, Veil is still widely recognized as an incredible trainer without peer. He lost to Wrath, yes, but by then he had lost his passion for being the champion. Veil got tired of defeating challengers ad nauseum; he didn't want the extinguishing of dreams to be his lasting legacy. He would never diminish Wrath's accomplishments by claiming to have thrown their match, but Veil certainly didn't mind losing. Free of his duties as champion, Veil now travels across Wuhtu helping out wherever he is needed, always conscious to help, not hurt. On the rare occasion that Veil does participate in a battle, it is typically an exhibition against a strong or famous opponent for charity. New trainers flock to these events, eager to watch a true master at work. In battle, Veil relies on complex illusions to gain the upper hand. Expect a valuable learning experience when watching Veil and his cunning Zoroark.

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