This page is full of stuff relevant to us actually playing a game in Wuhtu.

House Rules - A list of some mechanical stuff we've come up with to help the game run as smoothly as possible.

  • "Loyal" nature = +1 to all stats
  • Passive healing = HP stat / day for pokemon, Con stat / day for people
  • Pokeball range = 10
  • Food = 50 / day (Pokemon kept in pokeballs need to eat half as much)
  • Road = 1 week of comfortable travel (exceptions for northern half of map)
  • Bikes = 999,999,999 / wheel (gotta make a profit somehow)
  • Purchased Nature Change = 1000, RP/Plot-induced ones = Free
  • Roadside Motels = 200/night
  • Reusable Camping Supplies = 1000
  • On any attack, you may choose to roll 1d20-1 on AC to purposely avoid Crits.
  • 12+17=25

Calendar - A timeline of important events, as written and maintained by the players/GM.

Day 1 (Monday)
Nikolas wins against Avu!
Mordecai wins against Leia!
Pitch wins against Leia (and killed her Cubchoo, classic) What can I say. Thales is a 'mon after Pitch's own heart.
Leo wins against Halle and gets her number!Just wait until I win the gym battle.
Celeste wins against Zayir!
Nicolas encounters a Gastly! (First pokemon encounter)
Pitch and Mordecai engage in battle! (First PvP!)(Surprise, suckas!) (I would've won!)And killed the Totdile Probably.
Nikolas catches a Gastly! (First pokemon capture)
Leo encounters a Munchlax (first friendship encounter).
Mordecai's first successful styler restrain! (…probably not worth listing. :P)
Mordecai steals an awesome Drilbur from Pitch. Karma's a beach. Too light to be karma.
Pitch acquire a Drilbur that is good in its own right.
Pitch succesfully manipulates his first Pokemon!
Celeste ruthlessly attacks a peaceful group of Karrablast without provocation (and she's one of the nice ones? Nikolas is the nicest Even Pitch let them be threatening first) Promptly runs away, brave Sir Robin.
RNG gods frown upon Mordecai who now hates poochyena growlithes.
Nikolas gets stuck in the longest, most intense battle imaginable. (Psych, sucka! You like to psych us out, don't you? Not at all. Nope. Uh huh…. More like, PsychIC-type, sucka)
First Team Ostra appearance, which leads to…
Nikolas's Abra goes into god mode.
Celeste almost bounces a Pokeball off her own head. Catches Foongus on the second try.
Celeste is given a free pair of lovebirds, Riolu and Gothita.

Day 2 (Tuesday)
Leo places the first bet. And Wins
Pitch is attacked by angry Luxio for stealing their child.
Along those lines, Pitch catches a Shinx!
Pitch's Shinx becomes a badass.
Leo and his new friend find Mareeps and a Flaffy
Pitch crits on a Team Ostra grunt 2x in one round.
Leo battles a trainer from malestrom and Nightlock dies (first death) Thank mew for mareeps
THE BIRDS as directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Mordecai's Mankey does not faint a Starmie with a critical hit…wait… NOPE! Chuck Testa.
Nikolas defeats a pack of Rattata and Raticate with the help of an unlikely ally.
Mordecai totally beats Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

Day 3 (Wednesday)
Pitch may get in trouble. Pitch may actually get out of this. Looks like Pitch got out of it. Or did he? Dun dun dun.
Pitch almost gets his ass kicked by…. Dunsparce *goes to cry in corner*
Pitch meets a Scyther and proceeds to catch it!
Pitch pays back the Dunsparce.
Leo runs into that one dude with the salamence.
Nikolas sleeps on the job. His Pokemon do not mind.
And then he gets revenge on those elemental monkies, and gets introduced to a sentient sneseal. Procedes to waste a bunch of money on catching a simipour, and trades it for a feebas.

Day 4 (Thursday)
Duskull fight! Stop monopolizing the days!!!! Heh, not my fault I'm the best there ever was!
Pitch beats Ginny in a battle! Her Zangoose is a stud!
Pitch gets a date with Ginny!
Nikolas catches a shiny Trapinch~!
Orobas hits the much coveted Loyalty 4
Day one of Leo's journey. After an uneventful day, he is attacked by Pawniards and Bisharps

Day 5 (Friday)
Pitch stocks up on supplies.
Pitch heads out towards Elrem Town!
Pitch encounters some Ekans and catches way too many of them!
Catches a Tangela
Girafarig attack Nikolas and peacefully retreat after teaching Orobas
Spoink! …are actually quite useless at low levels

Day 6 (Friday)
Starts fight in Charred Clearing!
Shovel drops like 8 Charmander in his initial attack!
Pitch kicks Charmander ass!
Pitch catches a Charmander!
A Charizard comes to kill Pitch!
Thales evolves and kicks its ass!
Nikolas trips on a Big Root and awkwardly follows a girl.
Charmander tries to escape, almost gets cut up.

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