Wuhtu is arranged in a roughly circular fashion. Dozens of routes connect the various cities to one another, and the species of Pokemon that take up residence on those routes tend to be a product of the cities around them. Also, the cities each serve a very real purpose outside of their gyms. Wrystone Nature Preserve houses the region's Safari Zone. Mirror Mountain Base Camp is a gathering ground for those seeking to summit the eponymous Mirror Mountain, which is also the only way to reach the sky-scraping Maelstrom City. Xylo Central is the bustling shopping center for all of Wuhtu. The gyms spring up from the cities, not the other way around.

Port Tidings: At the southern tip of Wuhtu, Port Tidings serves as the entire region’s gateway to the world. It is a beautiful coastal city, perfect for a honeymoon or summer vacation. The beaches are splendid, though a few pokemon do make their homes in certain areas. Local establishments are frequented by captains and their crews, often with fantastic stories of faraway lands across the sea. Goldeens and Horseas swim to and fro, sometimes chased by fearsome Sharpedos. Wingulls fly overhead and Duckletts waddle along the shore. Every so often, one can even see a family of Dewgong splashing around in the distance. The local gym leader is Leia Reynaud, a widely respected Photographer. In her younger days, she traveled all around the world in search of the perfect picture. She claims that she found it in taking a snapshot of the sunset over Port Tidings’ harbor on a warm summer night. Now, she has settled down in perfect view of that sunset, riding off into it on the back of her regal Lapras whenever she gets the urge. Leia uses Water and Ice pokemon and loves nothing more than a good view.

Wrystone Nature Preserve: It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes, a species of pokemon dwindles dangerously low in number. When that happens, the species is rounded up and taken west to the Wrystone Nature Preserve, named after the philanthropist Del Wrystone who financed its growth. There, they can stave off extinction while also populating Wrystone’s Safari Zone. The opposite case is when a species proves to be too aggressive in the wild, threatening everything around them. Those species are quarantined in the separate, much more vicious Danger Zone. Most tourists who visit Wrystone are only allowed to enter the Safari Zone for their sightseeing desires. Trainers who demonstrate sufficient ability are granted permission to wander around the Danger Zone, potentially catching very rare and powerful predators. As a side note, trainers are allowed (and required to for the Danger Zone) to bring pokemon into these zones, unlike other regions. Wrystone’s gym is run by Halle Wrystone, one of Del’s descendants and an immensely accomplished Rider in her own right. Halle spends much of her free time riding around the Safari Zone on her fierce Arcanine, occasionally venturing into the Danger Zone to quell any potential uprisings. Halle uses Fire and Grass pokemon and relishes the rush of battle.

Mirror Mountain Base Camp: Wuhtu’s most immediately recognizable feature from far away is the Markrum Mountain range along the east and northeast parts of the region. The tallest of these mountains is Mirror Mountain, named for the ample steel pokemon which call its exterior home and reflect sunlight like a mirror. Hundreds of hikers and climbers attempt to summit Mirror Mountain every year, but only a few dozen have ever succeeded. Still, that doesn’t stop droves of would-be-heroes from congregating at the Base Camp in preparation for their climbs. Trainers who enter the Base Camp can find legendary Athlete Rusty Sten watching dutifully over his gym. In his heyday, Rusty was the greatest climber Mirror Mountain ever saw. He reached its peak twice, the second time with only his sturdy Gigalith accompanying him. Rusty uses Ground, Rock, and Steel pokemon and wants a challenging fight above all else.

Orum Town: Residents of Wuhtu, pokemon and people alike, face the inevitability of death just like everywhere else in the world. Orum Town contains the largest graveyard in the region, and people from all over Wuhtu will venture southwest to Orum to bury their dead if they can afford to do so. Many more will travel to Orum to pay their respects to fallen friends. A large monument in the center of town is inscribed with the names of every pokemon ever accidentally killed in a League sanctioned battle. It is rumored that this monument holds a sinister secret…but such talk is universally dismissed as crazy conspiracy theory nonsense. Orum’s gym leader is named Avu Sylum, an enigmatic Fire Breather / Rain Waker and Wuhtu’s newest gym leader. A little over a year ago, Avu got off at Port Tidings, walked to Orum and took over the gym. All that is known of him is that he came from an unknown far-off land after surviving a deadly tournament of some sort. Now, he atones for the lives he took by watching over the dead with his hauntingly solemn Gengar at his side. In battle, Avu uses Psychic, Ghost, and Dark pokemon and is ever reluctant to go all out, lest he take another life.

Elrem Forest Clearing: The southwest section of Wuhtu consists primarily of the very, very dense Elrem Forest. Trees in this region can be well over 200 feet tall, covering almost the entire forest floor in eternal shade. This environment is perfect for critters of all kinds to take up residence, as any traveler will quickly notice. Swarms of Ledian fly by as Spinaraks try to capture their young Ledyba in their webs. Many Venonats and Nincadas creep across the ground. A lucky collector may stumble across a Shedinja slowly floating toward Orum. At the heart of Elrem Forest is a relatively small clearing which hermits and bug enthusiasts call home. Elrem Forest Clearing’s gym is led by Shea O’Riley, a jolly world-renowned Botanist. Shea, along with his hyper Kricketune, maintains the Clearing’s ample berry gardens, from which he picks berries that he uses to feed the local citizens and surrounding wildlife. Shea uses Bug and Poison pokemon and revels in the bounties of nature.

Xylo Central: In Wuhtu, all roads lead to Xylo, “The city that never blinks.” It is the cultural, economic, and physical center of the entire region. Anyone who sets foot in the city for the first time is instantly taken over by bright lights and blaring sounds. It is much bigger than the other cities, yet is still feels cramped from the sheer number of residents and tourists walking its streets. Skyscrapers are the norm and a sprawling underground subway system serves as transportation from one location to another. There are shows from sunup to sundown, and then more shows from sundown to sunup. All of the commerce and glamour result in the cost of living in Xylo being as sky-high as the buildings that dominate the cityscape. Xylo’s gym leader, Zayir Noir, was once the headliner at one of the biggest shows in town. The fantastic Juggler still occasionally does shows assisted by his flashy Jolteon, but for the most part he has retired to the less style, more substance life of a gym leader. Zayir uses Electric and Flying pokemon, and always battles with an intent to entertain.

Gateway Dojo: Deep in the frozen northwest of Wuhtu, a few dozen brave souls inhabit the Gateway Dojo. The entire town is inside one single, albeit quite large, building. The unforgiving tundra outside necessitated constant shelter, as even a trivial trip to the PokeMart would carry risk of frostbite if the city were actually outside. But the cold outside is in stark contrast with the hot-blooded residents of Gateway. The city takes its name from the huge Dojo that dwarfs the rest of the buildings. Inside, trainers and non-trainers alike exercise fiercely and constantly, training their bodies to withstand anything. They do this out of necessity, as trips to other parts of Wuhtu mean venturing through the frigid wasteland that surrounds Gateway. The entrance to Victory Road is also a short, though arduous, walk from Gateway Dojo’s front door. Trip Kane, the Dojo’s leader, is a tough-as-nails Blackbelt who has honed his body to incredible levels of strength and endurance. He spends almost most of his free time sparring with his gutsy Ursaring. Trip uses Normal and Fighting pokemon in battle and favors close combat.

Maelstrom City: High atop Mirror Mountain lies the most remote locale in Wuhtu, Maelstrom City. It takes a very special person indeed to reach Maelstrom’s golden entryway. Around Wuhtu, “having one’s head in the clouds” has a different meaning: being powerful. Maelstrom’s residents literally touch the sky whenever they go outside, and the entire city is so high that weather is never a factor. It is a gorgeous place to live…if you can reach it. Some people in Wuhtu don’t even believe that Maelstrom City exists, convinced that it must be a myth. One can see the entranceway to Victory Road from the city’s western plateau, but hiking down the steep path to reach it is another thing entirely. Maelstrom’s gym also has quite the reputation. Officially, every gym in the Wuhtu League is equal. To those in the know, the running joke is that Maelstrom’s gym is “more equal” than its counterparts. Maelstrom’s leader Dirk Daggson commands a veritable armada of fearsome dragon pokemon led by his awe-inspiring Salamence. Dirk himself is a Dragon Type Ace par excellence. Though a very gracious gentleman outside of battle, Dirk is absolutely relentless in the ring, pulling no punches and giving no quarter to challengers.

Victory Road: Just like the other regions, Wuhtu's Victory Road serves as a final test of a trainer's mettle after they have acquired all 8 badges. Though completing the gym circuit and reaching Victory Road's entrance is no simple feat, making it through to the other side is considerably harder yet. This dire cave houses the most powerful, pseudo-legendary pokemon in the wild, and the trainers who frequent it are very dangerous foes as well. It is a grueling gauntlet designed to weed out the weak. Even trainers who breezed through the rest of Wuhtu often find themselves hitting the wall along Victory Road, forced to train for weeks, months, or even years before they are able to reach its exit. But the reward for coming out the other side is considerable, for the light at the end of this particular tunnel is the Elite Four!

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