Wuhtu operates quite a bit differently than its counterparts. For starters, there aren't just three starters (hah, get it?) but instead, the only "limitation" is that trainers will always start with a pokemon of one of the types associated with the gym in their hometown.

The primary reason for that is the way trainers receive starters—from none other than their local gym leader. When a prospective trainer shows potential, they are invited to battle the leader one-on-one with their would-be-starter. Winning grants the kid the right to keep the pokemon, receive a pokedex, and be officially inducted into the Wuhtu Pokemon League.

Keen readers will notice the phrase "one of the types" above referring to gyms. There are still only 8 gyms in Wuhtu, but types are sensibly paired, or even tripled, up so that every single type is represented once.

Furthermore, gym leaders and the trainers who reside in their gym all have an incredible variety of pokemon. Not in terms of types, obviously, but in terms of levels and species. Retired trainers will donate pokemon to their local gym, breeders will drop eggs off, even other gym leaders will occasionally happen to catch a pokemon and send it off to their colleague at the type-appropriate gym.

There are all kinds of beasts on any given route, actually hiding in the grass or perched in trees. There are Ratata nests from which the rats will endlessly swarm until the nest is closed. Cute little Shinxes run off when hurt to get their Luxray parents. Trainers who defeat the alpha male of a Houndoom pack will earn their respect, trivializing the capture of one Houndour. There will be fights where a trainer's choices will simply be to run or die. Nature will run its course with or without any one person, and travelers will do well to remember that they are intruders in wild places.

All of this to say, there are people and pokemon living in this world, not just trainers hopping from city to city to hit a gym and run along.

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