Not everyone can be a fancy PC. This is a non-comprehensive list of notable non-player characters who call Wuhtu home.

Gym Leaders

  • Leia Reynaud (Port Tidings)
  • Halle Wrystone (Wrystone Nature Preserve)
  • Rusty Sten (Mirror Mountain Base Camp)
  • Avu Sylum (Orum Town)
  • Shea O'Riley (Elrem Forest Clearing)
  • Zayir Noir (Xylo Central)
  • Trip Kane (Gateway Dojo)
  • Dirk Daggson (Maelstrom City)

Elite Four

  • Wither (Status Effects)
  • Hawk (Critical Hits)
  • Heart (Attraction)
  • Storm (Weather Conditions)

Special Trainers

  • Wrath (Champion)
  • Veil (Previous Champion)
  • Beatrice Malas (Previous Orum gym leader)
  • Frank "Fury" Tate (Top Ranked Double Battler)
  • Rye, Brie, and Lou Pyre (Top Ranked Triple Battle Team)

Team Ostra

  • Grail (Leader)
  • Bliss (General)
  • Sai (Lieutenant, Squadron Establishment)


  • Captain Lowe (Commander, Orum Office)
  • Agent Gibbs (Special Agent in Charge, Port Tidings Office)
  • Agent Dinozzo (Senior Field Agent, Port Tidings Office)
  • Agent Todd (Junior Field Agent, Port Tidings Office)
  • Officer McGee (Detective, Port Tidings Office)
  • Quinn Stinson (Commander, Port Tidings Office)

Societal Figures

  • Alfred Crane (President of Wuhtu)
  • Kaylee Washburne (Serenity Corp. Founder & CEO)
  • Jill Bales (Box System Overseer)
  • Jeffrey Noles (Wuhtu Pokenews co-anchor)
  • Jenny Tram (Wuhtu Pokenews co-anchor)

Unique Pokemon

  • Carnifex (Male Scyther, "Executioner")
  • Praelia (Female Mienfoo, "Warrior")
  • Sicarius (Male Sneasel, "Assassin")
  • Iudex (Male Elgyem, "Judge")
  • Excursor (Male Buizel, "Scout")
  • ??? (???)
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