Other Organizations

Good as Gold Mercenary's Guild: Because the roads in Wuhtu are so dangerous, the business of travelers paying strong trainers to guide them to their destination naturally sprang up. At first, the process was absolute chaos, as without any rules to guide people, sellers kept undercutting each other's prices and buyers found themselves stuck with clueless or apathetic escorts. Mercenaries quickly became a dubious joke around Wuhtu. To change that, the best mercenaries from the region worked together to form a respectable organization with real rules and exclusive membership with an assurance of quality. Thus, the Good as Gold Mercenary's Guild was born. Now, prices for each route are clearly defined and a Mercenary's Guild ID is "good as gold." Trainers who seek membership must visit the Guild Headquarters in Gateway and pass a series of tests to prove their abilities.

Wuhtu Ranger Corps: The people of Wuhtu enjoy the protection of a great regional Ranger Corps. Wuhtu's primary peacekeeping force oversees everything from law enforcement to disaster relief. There are outposts and academies at every major city throughout the region where thousands of eager recruits enroll each year. Though everyone is accepted into the program, considerably fewer make it through the process. Basic training tests the body, then advanced training tests the mind. Those who prove themselves able-bodied and dedicated enough are given their badge of Ranger status to wear with pride. Throughout Wuhtu, Rangers are anywhere from respected to revered. After years of successful service, Rangers can be promoted to various higher titles such as Detective and Commander. According to the Port Tidings Home Office, no Special Operations branch officially exists. Yet every so often, tales of incredible heroics will spread and then fade into the gray area between memory and myth.

Serenity Corporation: Run by genius Poke Ball Designer Kaylee Washburne, Serenity Co.'s mission statement is "To enrich the lives of Wuhtu's citizens through science and technology." The conglomerate has divisions in every field imaginable, all funded by Miss Washburne's private fortune. Serenity Co. employs hundreds of the brightest minds in all of Wuhtu, from Engineers to Scientists to Petrologists. They provide many different services for the people of Wuhtu at their daughter companies in the outer cities, but one must visit Serenity Tower in Xylo to receive the best products. It's easy enough to find, since it's the tallest building in town. There, world class Move Tutors can teach pokemon incredibly powerful moves, for the right price. Miss Washburn herself heads Serenity's Orange, Inc. and is the visionary behind the revolutionary Poke Balls they produce.

Name Mod Special Price
Eye Ball 4 +0 -4 per eye the pokemon has 1000
Strategy Ball +0 -2 per lowered combat stage target has 1000
Attrition Ball +0 -1 per turn in combat until -10 1000
Blur Ball +0 -1 times target's highest speed capacity 1000
Giganto Ball +0 -2 times target's weight class 1000
Chance Ball ? Random mod between -15 and +4 1000
Chance Ball + ? Random mod between -20 and -1 2500
Retry Ball +10 -15 if previously failed to catch pokemon 2500
Collector Ball +0 Increases captured pokemon's trade value 2500
Eye Ball 4s -5 -4 per eye the pokemon has 2500
Eye Ball 5 -10 -5 per eye the pokemon has 5000
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