Team Ostra

Just like the other regions, Wuhtu contains a large, quasi-terrorist criminal organization working behind the scenes to accomplish some goal. Wuhtu's, however, was actually created by the Wuhtu League itself.

"Team Ostra," also known as "The Exiled," consists of trainers who find themselves on the outside of the League looking in. ("Ostra" is short for "ostracized.") They seek to overthrow the League.

The League has two natural barriers, at the beginning and at the end. A sad truth is that some young trainers simply cannot defeat their local gym leader. The leader won't be ruthless, but it is their League-mandated duty to provide a legitimate test. As such, they can't just take a dive so that a kid can join the League.

These unfortunate losers, deprived of status and starter, turn to the only other organization who can make their dream of becoming a powerful trainer come true: Team Ostra. Once initiated, they carry out missions of various disrepute. At the start, it doesn't seem that bad at all. But over time, as their loyalty to Team Ostra increases and their chances of doing anything else wane, they willingly do worse and worse things. Yet it always seems like they're doing the right thing to them. They are an endless natural resource for the upper echelons of Team Ostra to use and abuse.

The leadership of Team Ostra mainly consists of trainers who have lost to the champion at the very end of the League. Their dream, so very close to coming true, is irrevocably shattered once their last pokemon faints against Wrath. These powerful, disillusioned trainers are wooed by Team Ostra's leader to join the ranks as an officer, so that they may enact their vengeance on the League's final cruelty.

Team Ostra's leader is an outstandingly charismatic man known only as Grail. Not much is known about him, as his life before creating Team Ostra is shrouded in mystery. Was he one of the first trainers to fall to Wrath? Or was he an outsider who saw a chance to manipulate others for power? No one, not even his most trusted lieutenants, knows who he really is. Perhaps that no longer matters. Perhaps "Grail" is all he is now, the ruthless genius leader of Team Ostra.

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