Pitch Stevens

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Orum Town General Hospital

Dr. Agatha Rowe

Official League Psychiatry Tests

Patient Profile: Steven Atratus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Fit to own Pokemon: Yes (finally)

The following are transcripts taken from previous psychological tests.

Age 10
Steven has just reached the age of ten. He is a young boy, average in height and build. His father passed away a year ago, causing his single mother to take care of him full time. According to Steven she becomes drunk fairly often and occasionally hits him, although it took nearly an hour of discussion to coax that from him. I did see a still-stitched wound on his arm, likely from her. His mother is of the lower class and almost as reclusive as Steven himself since her husband’s death. She stays out late at night, and has become the town drunk. This has affected Steven deeply, causing him to withdraw, rarely talking with others. I’ll report this to the authorities and have them investigate possible abuse. While there are rumors about town of Steven doing horrible things to Pokemon, I had written them off as just that; rumors. It takes much coaxing to get even a little bit of information out of him. From the little I have gotten, he regards Pokemon as little more than tools, strange for a ten year old. Due to his inability to answer even basic questions and the rumors surrounding him as well as his arm injury, I must mark him unfit for Pokemon training.

Age 11
Steven was not removed from his mother’s custody; he told the Rangers nothing, and not enough evidence was found to take him away. Due to ever increasing reluctance to answer the most basic of questions and continuing rumors surrounding his treatment of Pokemon, Steven must be marked unfit for Pokemon training.

Age 12
Steven has become even more withdrawn, rarely talking to anybody. He flat out refuses to answer any questions and actually came into the interview with blood on his jacket. I must once again mark him unfit to train and report a likely case of Pokemon Abuse to the authorities.

Age 13
Steven has deteriorated even further. While he is still reclusive and closed off, he now has an aura of something wrong around him, as if the very air betrays his inentions. Due to Steven burning his fingertips off so he could “feel what they felt” and recently being caught in the act of torturing a helpless Patrat, I must mark him unfit for Pokemon possession and suggest serious psychological help. The police found him guilty for Pokemon abuse and gave him 50 hours of community service as a punishment.

Age 14
Steven has finally begun to open up this year, but to little effect. While he does share answers to questions, they are disturbing at best. While even the worst of trainers tend to regard Pokemon as tools to be kept in fine condition, it seems that Steven only believes a broken tool can be made into what it truly can become. Between this mentality and his apparent belief that everybody is out to get him, I must once again mark Steven unfit for Pokemon possession.

15 and 16 were spent in prison due to an attempted robbery of the Orum Gym and armed assault on a guard as he attempted to escape. Steven received counseling in said time, apparently to his betterment.

Current Day: Age 17
Steven has come a long way since the disturbed 14 year old boy who claimed Pokemon were tools meant to be broken and reforged stronger than before. He claims to have found Arceus in prison and to have learned that Pokemon are supposed to be friends and allies, not simply tools. Despite his past issues, it seems the Steven’s time in prison has truly helped change him. In the few months since being released he has been a model citizen; helping at food banks, volunteering at the Daycare, and even donating much of his meager salary at the Grocery Store. It is with great joy that I confirm the reformed Steven Atratus fit to possess Pokemon. All that remains are the physical tests, which he should have no trouble passing.

Results of Physical Test for Trainer Aptitude: Pass//

Prison Library Record of Steven Atratus:
Empathy: A Study
Pokemon: Friends or Foes?
How to Care for your Pokemon.
2 B The Very Best: A Chronicle
What to do After Prison?
Lord of the Flygon
50 Easy Workouts without Weights!
Pokemon Farm
101 Deadly, Dangerous, and Intimidating Pokemon
Pokeheight 451
The Holy Word of the Creator, Arceus (New Translated Version)
Braviary New World
Acting for Dunsparces!
Moby Wailord
Home Repair on Household Tools


Name: Steven Atratus

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: Around 180 pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Last Seen: Heading east towards Port Tidings

Distinguishing marks: Fingertips are seared off, long, knotted scar on his left bicep.

If found, contact the Rangers. He is suspected in the murder of Marie Atratus. Reward for information on his whereabouts.

To: ten.myg|aiel#ten.myg|aiel
From: ten.nogyrop|hctip#ten.nogyrop|hctip
Subject: Starter Pokemon?

Dear Ms. Reynaud,
I have recently left my home in Orum to being my Pokemon journey. I traveled all this way simply to be able to get a Pokemon from your Gym, as I felt the ones you can offer more fit my style than those offered in my home town. I have all the necessary paperwork, it is just a matter of finalizing this. If you don’t feel comfortable giving a Pokemon to a trainer of another town, I understand, but I would appreciate the chance.

Greatest thanks,
Pitch Stevens

Steven’s eligibility forms are crumpled and worn, the name, doctor in charge and age apparently soaked in water, likely from sitting in his pocket for too long, making them unreadable.

Recent Expenses for Pitch Stevens:
Joining Caravan to Port Tidings: 1000 poke
Switchblade: 200 poke
Hotel expenses: 500 poke
Black hat: 100 poke
New clothes: 250 poke
The chance to escape his past: Priceless

Note by Arcran: The way I see it, Marie Artorum isn’t a well liked or respected or liked member of the population. Despite Steven’s apparent reforms, people don’t particularly care for him either, and are mostly happy to see him gone.

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