Every story needs its heroes; here are Wuhtu's player characters!

Nikolas Torel (Bad Situation)

  • Capture Specialist / Poke Ball Designer
  • Started in Orum
  • Asked by Avu to keep an eye out for "Steven"
  • Personal goal to find a Magnemite and catch it with his recently fixed Memento Ball

Leo Blackwell (CosmicOccurence)

  • Researcher / Watcher
  • Started in Wrystone
  • Asked to find a Shelmet to evolve with his friend's Karrablast
  • Haunted by a mysterious dream during the first night
  • Personal goal explore the Safari & Danger Zones

Mordecai Aumakua (Kantolin)

  • Ranger / Coach
  • Started in Port Tidings
  • Asked by Leia to take the late Cubchoo to Orum for a proper burial

Pitch Stevens (Arcran)

  • Ace Trainer
  • Started in Port Tidings
  • Really likes his knife.
  • Personal goal to assemble a full, competent team
  • Plans to find, interrogate, and kill whoever sent the Ostra thug after him

Every story also needs its villains; here are some Player Characters in Team Ostra!

Caspar Tribeau (Planswalker)

  • Tough Guy / Enduring Soul / Ghost Ace

Bartleby Rainer (Inedible)

  • Ranger / Coach

Jack Mason (Wordplay)

  • Ace Trainer / Poison Ace

Burner Brand (MesiDoomstalker)

  • Ace Trainer / Fire Ace
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