(Since the game died due to GM absence, I figured the story deserved some semblance of closure. Right now this is a work in progress, but it will attempt to tie up the narrative arcs of all the characters and explore the overarching plot threads I had in mind. Deepest apologies to my players for letting the game die out. It was a blast!)


Wuhtu's resident psychopath carved a bloody path through the region, accruing more powerful allies along the way. Each new member of his team was reluctant at first, but they either quickly outgrew that or were mercilessly replaced. Eventually his team consisted only of the strongest, most ruthless killers Wuhtu's wild had to offer. There was the deeply scarred Charizard orphaned by Pitch's own hands, who grew to channel his endless suffering into the wonton destruction of others. There was the impossibly loyal Oshawott given to Pitch by Leia, who cut down challengers with the absolute bloodlust it learned from its master. And there was the mysterious Scyther who joined Pitch of his own volition, whose motives were as unclear as his blades bloody and sharp. Carnifex balanced on the knife's edge between wisdom and violence, sometimes seemingly unsure of which to direct toward Pitch.

Though he managed to keep a low profile at first, word of his particularly memorable tactics traveled quickly. They were only rumors whispered in the wind by frantic survivors and shocked witnesses, and most ignored them because they were simply too gruesome to be true. He was somewhat of an urban legend by the time he strutted into Xylo…


Wrystone's eager chef lived a life as spicy as the food he and his pokemon loved so much. He and his trusty Darumanitan traveled all across Wuhtu, gaining acclaim for their battling skills as well as their culinary talents. Leo's extensive studies served him well on his journey, as he almost always had the upper hand from the moment his opponents sent out their first pokemon. Early on, that encyclopedic knowledge helped him earn a priceless Larvitar, which grew to be an absolutely beautiful and fearsome Tyranitar. Enemies who weren't blinded by the golden sheen were promptly buried under a few tons of rock or shredded by a set of razor sharp teeth and claws. All the while, the sly Sneazel cracked jokes and bones alike. Sicarius thoroughly enjoyed his time with Leo, but there was always a hint of sarcasm to his compliments.

Leo temporarily worked alongside another young trainer he met outside Xylo's southern gates, traversing the wilds between cities together and even earning a few badges while they were at it. However, fate would eventually separate the two of them. As soon as Leo had the requisite badges, he saw nothing other than the Danger Zone and Halle back in Wrystone. Unfortunately, only tragedy awaited him there…


Orum's quietest boy learned much on his journey outward from his hometown and his own introverted shell. He stumbled through the beginnings of his epic adventure, pushed along by his benevolent Alakazam when he was but a mere Abra. As he captured more friends to train and travel with, Nikolas gradually grew stronger and more confident. Before too long Nikolas was second only to Avu in the eyes of Orum's aspiring trainers. With his sparkling Flygon flutttering overhead and graceful Mienfoo flanking him, Nikolas was the picture of pokemon training prowess. Praelia rarely spoke except for in times of crisis, when she dispensed valuable but cryptic advice.

Nikolas traveled with a quirky boy from Wrystone for a while, providing all the technical repairs necessary while eating delicious food in return. The symbiotic relationship rewarded both with cherished memories and a few badges to boot, but eventually the fun would come to an end. Mere hours after bidding his friend farewell, Nikolas stumbled across a familiar face while shopping in Xylo. One short phone call to Avu later, Nikolas began his fateful pursuit…


The Ranger Corps' friendliest recruit built himself quite a reputation from his first days on the road with his badge. His fierce Feraligatr was the perfect partner, able to restrain suspects' pokemon while Mordecai captured the renegades. From the moment he delivered Leia's fallen Cubchoo to Avu, Mordecai established himself as a dependable ally. Splitting time between helping Wuhtu's gym leaders and carrying out Ranger missions, he quickly became one of the region's most well-liked trainers. The laconic Elgyem by his side also assisted in disabling criminals, occasionally projecting congratulations into Mordecai's mind. Despite the positive messages, there always seemed to be a specter of spite amid Iudex's telekinetic communications.

While the Ranger higher-ups fought over who would get to recruit Mordecai into their branch, they received a sudden cry for help from Wrystone's Ranger station. Since Mordecai happened to be the closest Ranger to the scene, he was dispatched to assess the situation. Unsure of what it might be, he figured it couldn't be anything too serious or Port Tidings would have mobilized more forces. Unfortunately, neither they nor he realized how dire the distress call truly was…

Talking Pokemon

While Nikolas followed Pitch through the streets and alleys of Xylo, Praelia and Carnifex managed to slip away from their "masters" and met in their pre-chosen safe house. They exchanged notes on their respective humans, both fairly impressed by the other's but utterly disdainful of their own. Once that was finished, they called for their master who immediately appeared behind them. Their orders were short and simple: their time of servitude had come to an end. With jovial tidings, the three left to rejoin the others. That night, their master reclaimed Sicarius and Iudex while their trainers slept. Reunited, the group celebrated the successful recon mission. Their plan was coming along nicely…

Wuhtu Pokemon League

While the protagonists progressed through the first parts of their pokemon adventures, the Elite Four continued to command the League with more iron fist than benevolence as Wrath's aggressive influence led the entire league down a dark path. The local gyms' leaders held varying degrees of reservation toward their directions but obeyed dutifully nonetheless. The Elite Four themselves were much more rapidly changed by Wrath's close proximity, and challengers who braved the gauntlet (and lost) recounted greater and greater ruthlessness during their final trials. Over time, the entire Elite Four withdrew from the public eye just like their Champion. The arena formerly defined by bravery and valor was now corrupted by malice and misery.

Whispers of dissension arose in pockets around Wuhtu, but the idea of an uprising was simply impossible. Even if it could be arranged, the sum total of every trainer in the region would still amount to waves crashing against the cliff that was Wrath's Elite Four. Perhaps there was one who could lead such a movement, but Veil had disappeared mysteriously and no one could contact him…

Team Elite

The ragtag group of recruits who joined the Exiles around the time Pitch, Leo, and Nikolas started their journeys, rose rapidly through the ranks. Their first mission was a thorough success with only minor arson on the record. As the months went by, the four of them were entrusted with more powerful pokemon and given more crucial and dangerous tasks. After a particularly tricky extraction of prisoners from Gateway's Ranger station, they were rewarded with officer status. No longer would they have to do any dirty work reserved for grunts, they now had the authority to give orders rather than follow them.

Since officers were technically individual units, the promotion also meant the dissolution of Team Elite. The four comrades celebrated their success with a night of debauchery (including some not-so-minor arson) before saying their heartfelt farewells. It would not be the last time they worked together…

Team Ostra

While Team Elite rose through the ranks, the organization as a whole continued its machinations throughout Wuhtu. Fortunately for The Exiled, Wrath's harsher league meant more numerous, stronger, and angrier recruits. Grail had no trouble filling out his ranks even in the face of increased Ranger attention to Ostra activities. Slowly but surely, Grail installed his loyal agents into senior positions in every segment of Wuhtu's infrastructure, from Serenity Corp's executives to President Crane's office. He even managed to obtain leverage over a certain gym leader thanks to the sensitive nature of information within a liberated Gateway prisoner's mind. The value of that mission was lost on the agents who carried it out, but they received more than just compensation for their services.

With his hand in almost every single act of importance around Wuhtu, Grail controlled the region from the comfort of anonymity. However, Team Ostra as a whole no longer had to operate in secrecy; they were more powerful than the Rangers and everyone knew it. Citizens gave Ostra members a wide berth, for fear of retaliation from Grail's boundless influence. Only the League stood between him and absolute rule…


A.K.A. Filler!


Just for fun, these are the prophesies that each character would get had they visited the OotSverse's oracle.

Leo: Will this story have a happy ending?
Oracle: Yes—for you, at least.

Nikolas: How will I return to Orum?
Oracle: Posthumously. Nah, just kidding. It won't be you in the coffin.

Pitch: Will I get to cause the death of any PCs or major NPCs?
Oracle: Yes, but that sword cuts both ways so I wouldn't bother funding your IRA.


At least one of the following statements is true:

  • Grail is Wrath, going full Emperor Palpatine on the League.
  • Grail is Veil, seeking to liberate the League from Wrath's brutal reign.
  • Grail is a pokemon, motivated by a deep resentment for his kind being enslaved by the League.
  • The leader of the Talking Pokemon is a pokemon as well.

Before it's all said and done…

  • At least one PC becomes a gym leader.
  • At least one PC dies.
  • At least one of Wuhtu's current gym leaders dies.
  • There will be a new champion of the Wuhtu Pokemon League.
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