Since all official league battles follow a one-on-one format, trainers who wanted to fight double, or even triple, battles had to look elsewhere. In short order, these trainers organized themselves into a loosely moderated group known simply as Taggers. The term “Taggers” originated as a sort of derisive slur, but Taggers have come to embrace the word as their own.

There aren’t gyms in the Tagger community, only word of mouth. If a trainer is impressive, stronger teams hear about them and will be willing to accept their challenges. There exists a worldwide ranking system, managed by the Taggers themselves. The whole thing works like a bounty game. If a team beats the #23 team, they become the #23 team, and so on.

Taggers will usually only accept challenges if they have heard good things about their opponents. Moving up the ranks is as much about popularity and momentum as it is about skill and strategy. That said, Taggers generally want to be challenged. The whole movement is about the hectic excitement of double and triple battles, after all.

Taggers usually battle in teams, but certain trainers who prove themselves capable of fighting two foes alone are certainly allowed to do so. The current #1 ranked double battle Tagger is one such competitor. Frank “Fury” Tate’s pokemon flatten their foes with a flurry of fists. His Machamp and Mienshao get along quite well and have an implicit understanding when they step in the ring together. Frank doesn’t have to give them instructions; they just take care of business.

The #1 ranked triple battle team, on the other hand, is indeed a team of three. The siblings Rye, Brie, and Lou Pyre are a remarkably effective team. Rye, the eldest brother, commands a powerful team of final evolutions, headlined by his blazing Magmortar. Brie, the middle sister, controls an intelligent team of second evolutions, headlined by her brilliant Jynx. Lou, the youngest brother, collects a team of feisty first evolutions, headlined by his upstart Elekid. Together, the Pyres dominate their opponents through a mixture of Rye’s fiery strength, Brie’s icy intellect, and Lou’s electric spirit.

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