• Current and former champions are respectfully addressed as "Mr. Champion" in conversation.
  • Trainers tend to start their journeys during their mid-late teens.
  • A variety of weekly radio shows cover goings-on in various parts of the world.
  • Pokemon Centers each have a cot room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.
  • PokeMarts' stocks vary depending on how recently they've received a shipment from Xylo.
  • The lighthouse in Port Tidings is the oldest manmade structure in Wuhtu. It used to be the tallest, until Xylo's skyscrapers eclipsed it.
  • Jill frequently holds tournaments for Pokemon trainers and hands out exotic species as prizes to the winners.

Pokemon League

  • Starter battles take place at the start of every week, while Final Four challenges may occur at the end of each month.
  • The first four battles of a Final Four challenge are nationally televised, while any battles against Wrath take place behind closed doors.
  • The members of the Elite Four are considered equals, challengers may face them in any order they choose.
  • Xylo produces more trainers than any other city, while Maelstrom produces the fewest.
  • At 53, Rusty is the oldest gym leader. At 22, Halle is the youngest.
  • Dirk is the longest tenured gym leader, having run the Maelstrom gym for almost 2 decades. Avu has held his position for the shortest time, having only taken over the Orum gym last year.
  • Once a year, the gym leaders get together and have a 4-on-4 battle for charity, North vs. South (Xylo is slightly further south than Wrystone and Mirror Mountain).


  • Rivers in Wuhtu flow from east to west and north to south, most originating along the peaks of the northeastern mountain range.
  • Luna Lake, the largest body of water on the Wuhtu continent, separates Xylo from Victory Road.
  • Elrem Forest is so dense that no light at all reaches the more remote areas.
  • Maelstrom is literally above the clouds, and as a result it is only ever sunny there.
  • The area around Gateway experiences perpetual snowfall.
  • Orum is typically covered in some degree of fog.

Team Ostra

  • The majority of Ostra Pokemon were "liberated" from their original trainers and "reintegrated" into Ostra.
  • Ostra is highly hierarchal, with promotion based on merit and achievement.
  • New recruits are only allowed to use Pokemon from the "beginner" tier of Ostra's stables.
  • Each promotion grants an Ostra member the privilege of taking more and better Pokemon with them.
  • Ostra protects its members from legal recourse for illegally carrying Pokemon through a variety of shady means.
  • Deserters are hunted down by their former peers so their Pokemon can be reclaimed for the Team.
  • Grail personally appoints generals, who operate with full teams of "elite" tier Pokemon.
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